Anna the Nurse

Why "The Burnout Book?" Is there an actual book? 

Watch this video for the details! 

Why does reducing and preventing nursing burnout matter?

Because NURSES matter and they are not a disposable resource that can be replaced by another warm body. They need to be taken care of and preserved. If you want to have experienced nurses, you need to retain them. If you want to retain them, you need to make sure they don't get burned out.

Burnout prevention is multi-facitated and complex but it's slowly becoming a priority and more studies are being done to discover what we can DO about burnout, now that we know what a huge problem it is. For more on burnout research, click here

Didn't Anna used to have a blog? 

Why yes she did. You can check out her first blog, The Days When I'm Not a Nurse, here. Anna still works full time and The Burnout Book is her side project. 

Can I get my own Burnout Book?

While my burnout book originated as a notebook, yours can simply be a physical or virtual space where you can document and track your journey as a nurse and write down all the memorable, funny, and touching moments. When rough days come, and they will come, and you're feeling a bit burned out, you can come back to that space and remember WHY you do what you do. I am an advocate for journaling as a technique to combat burnout. 

Anna is available for speaking engagements or workshops!

Please reach out to me via email, anna@theburnoutbook.com, or through the contact form below to inquire about speaking availability. I would love the chance to speak to other bedside nurses about nursing burnout and resilience and what actions they can take to reduce and prevent burnout in their careers. 

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